At Nutty Bay we’re leading the way to a healthier, more environmentally friendly future…

By creating innovative products that replace animal-based dairy products, we are convinced that we can help those who wish to move towards more rational, healthier eating habits, with significantly less impact on our planet.

We use the fermentation process in our processing method, fermented foods are rich in probiotics; micro-organisms that have a beneficial effect on our health.

Probiotics ensure gut health and improve the immune system.

Our product is based on the scientific theory

By keeping a healthy balance of probiotics and bactieria in your guts, this leads to a stronger more stable state of mind.

The stomach and brain are directly connected by an extensive network of neurons that constantly provide feedback to one another, hence our understanding that mental & physical health are directly linked. We aim to integrate them.

Healthy gut • Happy mind


Healthy gut

Happy mind



Founded by two visionaries in search of a better world, Nutty bay was born in Australia. 
While living for 12 years in Southern Asia, David met Sinomi and Nicolas, founders of Nutty Bay.
Together they decide to expand “The Nutty Bay family” to Europe…

Sinomi Hood

Company Rool:

Co Founder, Director, PR,


Dancing, shared meals, fun facts, feijoas, Dr Seuss, pickled ginger.


Artificial flavours. Tailgating. Unnecessary plastic packaging. Fluro colours. Itchy sweaters. Toffee.

What nut am I?

Pistachio… for sure!


Nicolas Chambaud

Company Roll:

Co Founder, Product Developer,
Production Manager.


Nature, surfing, boxing, basketball, breathing techniques, my Business partner & best friend, challenges, new adventures, mangoes.


Rules. Coriander. Chilli. Racism. Selfishness. Stingy people. Pollution.

What nut am I?

Pecan Nut!


David Duchatelet

Company Roll:

Director, Production Manager,
Research and Development


Nature, calisthenics, to stretch after an intense workout, well being, travelling, cooking, real friends, life 


Wasting time. Hypocrisy. Pollution. Itchy sweaters

What nut am I?

100% pistachio! 


We hope that our range will appeal as much to vegans seeking the comfort of a melt-in-the-mouth meal or a creamy spread as to omnivores wanting to make conscious food choices without sacrificing the pleasure of fully flavoured flavours.