Our range

All Nutty Bay products are gluten free, dairy free, organic, probiotic and of course vegan. Get to know our flavours a little more intimately by perusing the slides below!


Nutty Bay Garlic is smooth, classic and diverse, best served with almost anything!

Olive Oregano

Nutty Bay Olive + Oregano flavour is strong and fruity in flavour. Best served as a tapenade with your favourite antipastos… or the perfect addition to your Mediterranean veggie dishes!

Chives and Shallots

Nutty Bay Chives + Shallots is light and fresh, best served as a dip or with your lighter meals!

Cashew Delight
Tomato and Basilic

Nutty Bay Tomato + Basil flavour is bursting with italian aromas. Best served with your favourite continental dishes!

Cultured Butter

creamy vegan alternative to your everyday butter

It can be used as a substitute in all recipes, sweet or savoury, containing traditional butter or simply spread on your toast in the morning… the possibilities are endless!